Public Sector faces difficulty in managing their IT operations and this is where IT Service Management (ITIL) Comes to rescue. At ABC Company, we aim to increase the effectiveness and speed of IT systems of our all clients. By enforcing compliance with regulations, we ensure to reduce risks and incidents that can potentially disrupt a company’s growth.

Incident Management

Incident management focuses on restoring the service for normal operation if and when any disruption in the service occurs without causing any harmful on the user.

Although we try our best to prevent any disruption but when any such incident takes place, our team immediately gets to fix the problem to resume and restore the service as quickly as possible. We understand the need of smooth operations hence, we always try at minimizing the chances of a technical error.

Problem Management

It is directed towards identifying the root cause of an incident which affects the service operations and resolving the problem to ensure smooth operations.

Problem management might seem similar to incident management but it is a completely different process in Information Technology management.

Configuration Management

Configuration management keeps record of the configurations of and relationships between components or configuration items such as servers, middleware and software. It is extremely necessary in resolving incidents, finding the root cause to a problem and tracking changes.

Change Management

In this IT Service Management discipline, effective measures are taken and standardized methods are used to minimize the possibility of a disruption in service operations when an IT change is made. Keeping in consideration the need of companies to meet ever-changing standards, we ensure that the service keeps running smoothly while we introduce changes to the system

Service Level Management

It provides a defined framework for the services and ensures that Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Operational Level Agreements are suitable for the set targets and that they are met.

Service Catalog.

An IT Service Catalog contains all the services, resources and offerings within an organization available for deployment. It also includes all the necessary information about deliverables and their prices and the procedures for requesting them.

We screen and deploy the right people and strategies to administer Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) to make the whole network free of flaws. Although we get rid of all the loopholes but our support and operations team is always available to tackle any possible downtime. No matter how composite is a system, our team is expert in managing all IT systems. ITSM application brings a modern touch to technology and enables employees to be more productive.